An Architectural Duo's home

No pressure on the architects out there, but I think its safe to say when we visit an architect's home, there's a certain level of expectation and excitement about how they personally live.  Knowing architect, Lisa Day, it was no surprise to find considerable thought had gone into her Howick home, which she shares with her other half, Scott Donnell (also an architect) and their two children. 

This architectural duo have built a sustainable family home with affordability in mind. A modern design that gives a nod to mid-century,  details including slatted timber, pale brick and built in cabinetry.

The path that light travels through the course of the day is central to the design. Shafts of light are diffused through the slats, trail down walls and reflect through colour.  Custom designed light shades by the couple also continue this language.  

With a colour palette influenced by the local natural environment (land, sea, sky and stone), the home is strongly linked to it's natural, sea side environment. It will come as no surprise that they won a Resene Colour Award for Residential Interior also!



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The Donnell & Day studio


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